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Terms and conditions of sale

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The acquisition of an admission ticket, a season ticket and/or a speedy pass implies the acceptance of the Regulations applicable to the visitors of the WALIBI and AQUALIBI Parks as well as these terms and conditions of sale, all of which documents are available on our website / /



Article 1


The seller of "Walibi Belgium" Tickets/Subscriptions is S.A. BELPARK (a subsidiary of S.A. COMPAGNIE DES ALPES), registered with the Business Registration Office under No. 0439.050.308, having its registered office at 1300 Wavre - Belgium.


Tel: +32(0)10 42 15 00
Contact e-mail:



Article 2: Ticket and season ticket prices - No refunds


1. The management reserves the right to modify its rates at any time, without prejudice to the visitors with regard to the validity of the tickets/season tickets/speedy passes purchased before such modification.


2. The price of tickets and season tickets is set according to the circumstances of the operation of an amusement park and weather conditions, all of which inevitably lead to all or part of the attractions and other services offered being temporarily inaccessible.


3. Whenever possible, the management ensures that visitors are informed of any disruption to the Park’s activities which it controls by regularly updating the agenda of the Walibi Belgium website.


4. This desire to provide information for the sole purpose of limiting as much as possible any inconveniences that Park users may suffer may in no way be interpreted as the management’s acceptance to grant any price reduction on tickets/season tickets sold as a result of disturbances that were not mentioned on the Park's agenda.


5. Regardless of the manner in which they were acquired, tickets, season tickets and speedy passes giving access to the Park and the parking lot shall not be exchanged or refunded, whether in full or in part.
In this respect, it is irrelevant that:


- the ticket/season ticket/speedy pass has hardly been used or cannot be used by its acquirer;


- all or part of the attractions of the Park are or have been inaccessible during the period of validity of the entrance entitlement, for meteorological reasons or for reasons related to the operation of the Park (breakdowns of attractions, security problem, maintenance or renovation of attractions, restoration works, installation of new attractions, etc.), all of which circumstances cannot in any case be assimilated to cases of force majeure.


6. Even in cases of force majeure in the legal sense of the term, WALIBI's obligation will be limited to proposing to the visitor a new date for using their entrance entitlement impacted by the case of force majeure.


7. Please note that between January 9, 2023 and February 17, 2023, and between August 28, 2023 and December 21, 2023, we will work on an exceptional maintenance of Aqualibi. The waterpark will be closed during these periods. All season passes with access to Aqualibi purchased before 19 May 2022 are extended by the number of days of closure due to the maintenance works between January 9, 2023 and February 17, 2023. For all season passes with access to Aqualibi purchased from 19 May 2022, the closures between January 9, 2023 and February 17, 2023, and between August 28, 2023 and December 21, 2023 are included in the validity.




1. Tickets/season tickets/speedy passes are strictly personal and cannot in any case be loaned or transferred.
They are only valid if they can be produced together with the unexpired identity card of their holders.


2. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or forge a Walibi Belgium ticket or season ticket in any way whatsoever.
The fact of lending an entrance entitlement to a third party, as well as using and attempting to use an irregular entrance entitlement, besides being liable to criminal prosecution, will immediately result in the ticket/season ticket/speedy pass being confiscated, without possibility of reimbursement and without prejudice to the compensation of all the damage suffered.


3. Walibi Belgium declines any responsibility in case of illicit use of an entrance entitlement following the loss or theft thereof, if such loss or theft has not been previously reported to it.



Article 4 - Intellectual property rights


The intellectual property rights of the website and its components belong to Compagnie des Alpes or to third parties. The sales agreement entered into by Walibi Belgium and the buyer shall not grant the latter the right to copy, reproduce, download, post, transmit or distribute any of the components of the Walibi Belgium website.


Article 5 - Privacy


The rules concerning compliance with the legislation relating to the protection of personal data are described in the privacy policy included in a separate tab of the website.


Article 6 - Applicable law and jurisdiction


Any dispute concerning the Walibi Belgium website and the sale of tickets shall be governed by Belgian law. The courts and tribunals of the district of Walloon Brabant shall have sole jurisdiction.



Article 1 - Scope


The contracts entered into remotely via the "Walibi Belgium" website shall be entered into directly with BELPARK S.A. They shall be governed, when the purchaser of the ticket/season ticket is a consumer within the meaning of the Code of Economic Law, by the provisions of the said Code.


Article 2 - Offer


1. Information detailing the products or services that can be purchased on Walibi Belgium's website constitutes an offer to sell. Unless expressly stated otherwise, such offer shall be valid, provided that it contains no material errors, as long as it is present on the official website of Walibi Belgium.


2. Walibi Belgium shall not be liable for the information, prices, opening times that are listed elsewhere than on its official website.


Article 3 - Formation of the contract


The 6 steps for entering into the contract are:


    1. "Online purchase": Selection of the product(s) or service(s), and the desired quantity thereof.


    2. "Sign up": Identification with a username and password.


    3. "Holder profile": Communication of data concerning the other recipients of the order. (to be attached: photo of the holders of the park entrance passes/cards).


    4. "Delivery": The season tickets are to be collected from the reception desk of the Park, within the period indicated. Online tickets can be downloaded in .pdf or .jpg format after the payment has been validated. They must be printed on A4 paper in black and white or in colour. The purchaser may also produce such tickets directly on their smartphone at the entrance of the Park.


    5. "Summary": A summary of the order is displayed (order number, product(s)/service(s) purchased, total price, address and delivery particulars. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale and the Regulations applicable to visitors to which a hyperlink is proposed. Order confirmation.


    6. "Payment": Selection of the payment method authorized by OGONE. Acceptance or refusal of payment by the latter. Following the payment process, OGONE sends the buyer a confirmation message or a message inviting them to restart the payment procedure in case of problems.


    The contract shall be considered as having been entered into at the time of acceptance of the payment by OGONE. Since the payment module is managed directly by Ogone, none of the payment information is transmitted to Walibi Belgium, which declines any liability for the online payment process. As part of their relationship, the parties shall accept electronic evidence, such as e-mails and records within computer systems.


    Article 3 bis - Formation of the contract 3xpayment (3xCofidis Pay)


    S.A. COFIDIS approved as a lender by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA): chaussée de Lille 422A - 7501 Orcq - RPM-TVA-BE 0400.359.283


    Our partner Cofidis offers you a financing solution called 3xCofidisPay, which allows you to pay for your purchases from €100 to €1,000 in 3 instalments with your bank card.


    Terms and Conditions


    This offer is reserved for individuals (natural persons of legal age) residing in Belgium, holding a Belgian identity card and a Visa or MasterCard credit card with a validity date of more than 4 months at the time of the application, excluding MasterCard by Cofidis, MasterCard Gold by Cofidis, American Express, E-CB, professional card). 


    Subscription methods


    Cofidis offers you the possibility of paying in 3 instalments with your credit card. A simple and fast payment, with an immediate response.


    You will be able to read the general terms and conditions of the 3 instalments payment to which you wish to subscribe before accepting them by ticking the box provided for this purpose. 

    1. After validation of the shopping basket and once on the payment page of your order, you just have to click the payment method “Pay with 3xCofidisPay”.


    2. You will then be redirected to the page of our partner Cofidis to validate your personal information, your credit card details and to upload a copy of your identity card.


    3. You will receive an immediate response online: if you are eligible, you will pay the first instalment and the order will be completed. If you are not eligible, you can select another payment method. You have 14 days to withdraw from your payment facility.


    4. You will then receive an email validating your payment in 3 instalments (subject to acceptance by Cofidis) with the amounts and dates of your next payments.


    How it works


    The 3 payments by credit card system allows you to pay for the order made on the retailer’s site in the following way. 
    You will be debited with the amount of your order plus fees in 3 instalments on the credit card corresponding to the number, the validity date and the cryptogram you have provided.


    The amount of each instalment is equal to the total amount of the order plus any charges, divided by three: 


    - The first payment will take place within a maximum of six days after validation of your order and will be equal to the first third.

    - The second and third instalments, each corresponding to a third of the amount of the order, plus any charges, will be taken on the dates shown in the attached schedule.


    Payment in 3 instalments is possible from €100 of purchases and up to €1000.Payment facility for a period of 2 months at a fixed APR of 2%. Cost of financing limited to a maximum of €11.50.


    Article 4 – Conditions of use of an e-ticket


    E-tickets shall be valid if they are printed correctly on white A4 paper or if they are presented on a smartphone. Partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible tickets shall not be accepted. The bar code must be legible.


    E-tickets shall be valid only on the date and under the conditions printed on the ticket.


    E-tickets that are valid for a specific period may only be used if the Park is accessible on that day, within the limits of its attendance capacity.


    Article 5 – No right of withdrawal


    In accordance with Article VI. 53 12° of the Code of Economic Law, customers shall not be entitled to withdraw their purchases.



    This chapter applies to group ticket sales for the Walibi and Aqualibi parks.


    Article 1: “Group” rates


    1. For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions, a group shall consist of at least 20 paying persons visiting the park on the same day.


    2. To benefit from the group rate:


    - The booking must be made at least 21 working days before the date of the visit

    - Payment must be made at least 21 working days before the date of the visit.


    3. If the booking is made less than 21 working days before the date of the visit, a supplement of 2 euros per paying person will be applied.  


    4. For packages with meals, failure to pay at least 21 days before the date of the visit shall result in the cancellation of the booking, both with regard to meals and to other services ordered (access to the park, etc.).


    Article 2: Bookings


    1. Bookings can be made by telephone or by e-mail or by post.


    2. In order to be valid, all bookings must be confirmed in writing by Walibi. This confirmation must be handed in at the park ticket office on the day of the visit.


    3. If you do not receive the confirmation one week before the visit, please contact the group service on +32 (0)10 / 42 17 17 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12.30 am and from 1.30 pm to 5 pm, except on Belgian public holidays).


    4. “Group” tickets can be sent to their recipients before the visit, if requested and paid for at least 21 working days before the visit.


    Article 3: Changes to bookings


    1. A change to a booking (change of date of visit, number of visitors and/or services booked) at the group rate will only be allowed if requested 21 working days before the day of the visit and provided that the group rate remains applicable.


    2. If the change is made less than 21 working days before the visit, Walibi reserves the right to apply the supplement of 2 euros per paying person referred to in Article 1. The supplement will be applied to the admission ticket for the day of the visit.


    3. If, on the day of the visit, it is found that the conditions for the application of the group rate are not met (insufficient number of group members, etc.), the price of admission will be recalculated according to the rates displayed at the park's entrance ticket offices.


    4. By way of derogation from point 3 only, in the event of the absence of certain members of the group on the day of the visit, a request for a refund of the admission tickets purchased for them may be submitted. All meal vouchers will be invoiced.  The unused admission tickets must be returned to Walibi's bookings department (Belpark nv - A l’attention du service Réservations Boulevard de l'Europe 100 - 1300 Wavre - Belgium), by registered letter within a maximum of 7 days after the date of the visit, together with your full contact details (booking number, name of the group, address, date of visit, name of your bank, IBAN and BIC code - For France: RIB).  Refunds shall be made within 60 days.


    5. Any change in the number of paying tickets shall result in an adjustment of the number of free tickets.  Any refund applied under subparagraph 3 shall depend on such adjustment, if any.


    Article 4: Payment


    1. As stated in Article 1, advance payment of group tickets is an essential condition for the application of the reduced rate. Such payment must be made at least 21 working days before the date of the visit. If this is not done, the rate displayed at the ticket office shall apply and payment thereof at the park's ticket office shall be required in order to access the park.


    2. As stated in Article 1, if payment is not received at least 21 days before the date of the visit, bookings including meals shall be automatically cancelled, including admission tickets for the Park and any meals and other services.


    3. Payments shall be made in the following ways:


    - from Belgium: by bank transfer to account No. BNP IBAN BE29 0018 7515 2264 - BIC GEBABEBB;

    - from France:

    - upon receipt of a bank cheque sent by registered letter to the Walibi bookings department (Belpark sa – A l’attention du service Réservations Boulevard de l’Europe 100 – 1300 Wavre – Belgium), or

    - by bank transfer to account No. BNP IBAN FR76 3000 4013 2800 0136 9398 004 - BIC BNPAFRPPXXX.


    Article 5: Cancellations


    1. In order to obtain a refund on a booking, any request for cancellation of a booking must be made by e-mail at least 21 working days before the date of the visit.


    2. Refunds will be made subject to a fixed deduction of EUR 40 for administrative costs.


    3. In order to obtain a refund on a “group with meal” ticket, any request for cancellation of a “group with meal” ticket must be sent by registered letter to Walibi (Belpark sa – A l’attention du service Réservations Boulevard de l’Europe 100 – 1300 Wavre – Belgium) together with all the meal vouchers received.  


    4. If the 21 working day deadline is not respected or if the group does not show up on the day of the visit, all meals will be charged.


    5. Refunds shall be made within 60 days.



    For tickets and season tickets purchased from a reseller of one of the official channels, the buyer shall of course be bound by the contractual terms binding them to such reseller.

    The fact of the buyer entering the Park, however, shall constitute their acceptance of the General Regulations of the Park.